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Welcome to Gemini Bears May 2003 Newsletter

This is the 6th of our online newsletters. If you wish to view the previous newsletter with it's tips etc then click the link.

Buff, Scruff & Croaker, Christopher, and,Paprica have all been added to the site since the last Newsletter.

Buff is a conventional little chap with a thumb on each hand. Mohair Bear very easy to make
Scruff & Croaker are very good freinds. Frogs and bears have a natural affinity. Frogs don't eat honey and bears don't eat flies.
Christopher is a beginners bear. He is just a baby wanting to be picked up and loved
Paprica is a little 5 " bear best made from tipped mohair.

Click Here to see them all.

June the 3rd is Chris's Birthday. From now till the end of June all retail customers who order goods will automatically entered into a draw to win a mystery kitset.

Cherie-Lynn Walsh from Britsh Columbia is the lucky June Customer.

Merbear is the new free Pattern

She is a mermaid. You don't get to see one of those every day

Tips from Chris :

I hope these tips are of value to you, but if you require further help please do not hesitate to contact me.

Email Chris to add any any bits of advice to the next newsletter of if you have a trick problem you would like to discuss.

Kind Regards Chris

Gemini Bears