Welcome to Gemini Bears January 2004 Newsletter

This is the 7th of our online newsletters. If you wish to view the previous newsletter with it's tips etc then click the link.

Moss , Jacko & Ratty, Kris, and Pacifica have all been added to the site since the last Newsletter. We have also included 2 Clothing Patterns for Bears

Moss is a little bear made entirely from velour. His outsized feet and small head give him a comical look and his ruff is made from chiffon ribbon. Although Moss is small, 11cm (41/2") he is relatively easy to make.
Kris is a little bear 7" (17cm) tall and is made entirely from mohair. His tummy is a white inset of mohair and he has a fabric hat and velour vest. Designed as a Christmas bear, Kris can also be made to look like a clown if you give him a red nose!
Pacifica is a blue mohair bear designed to emulate the Pacific Ocean. He has blue fur and eyes and the same colour mohair paw pads. His "fish" necklace is made from felt offcuts.
The Jacket and Cap and Collar are designed for a 12"-15" (30-35cm) bear. You could reduce the patterns or enlarge to fit the bears you have.
Sparks Sparks has oversized feet with an embroidered star on one foot and velour ears. He is 35cm (14") tall but is best sitting down with his bent legs.

Click Here to see them all.

If you are a bear designer and teach bear making and by chance you are travelling to this end of the world, please contact us with a view to teaching a class out here. We can help with free accomodation and will also get together a class of pupils for you.

The other thing we are hoping to encourage is a penpal email group. Those of you who are interested in communicating with people of similar interests please advise us of your email address and various particulars and we will put your details onto our web site.


Tips from Chris


I hope these tips are of value to you, but if you require further help please do not hesitate to contact me.
Email Chris to add any any bits of advice to the next newsletter of if you have a tricky problem you would like to discuss.


Chris will be running Bear Making classes through the year in Birkenhead Auckland.
For full details Email Chris

From Chris & Tony and all the Bears at Dolls & Bears Too we hope that you enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.