Welcome to Gemini Bears June 2004 Newsletter

This is the8th of our online newsletters. If you wish to view the previous newsletter with it's tips etc then click the link.

Jumbalier,Scaramouche, Noodle, & Calliope, Diesel, and Kapiti have all been added to the site since the last Newsletter.

Jumbalier is a small elephant made entirely from velour and has no paw or foot pads. Simple and easy to make.

Scaramouch is a portly little bear made from mohair fur. His centre head section is cut away from the face and his pads and inner ears are from mohair cut back. He is 14 " (35 cm) tall and is an original design by Chris Cotton of Gemini Bears

Noodle is a 9" (24cm) bear with extremely large ears and outsized feet. His small closely set eyes give him a worried look..

Calliope (A distant cousin of Poser) is a "flying" pig with no footpads and trotter like paws. He is 11(29cm) long and is easy to make. The wings are optional.

Diesel is a Donkey and a smart one too.

Kapiti is a Kiwi . Chris just had to make him when she found the fur. He is the national bird of New Zealand

Tips from Chris

I hope these tips are of value to you, but if you require further help please do not hesitate to contact me.
Email Chris to add any any bits of advice to the next newsletter of if you have a tricky problem you would like to discuss.

Sorry the news letter is a bit sparse, you tend to run out of things to say after 5 years The new patterns just keep flowing out, with lots more still in Chris's mind.